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SAP® Business One - Microsoft Outlook Integration
A Comprehensive, Integrated Solution for all of your Business Needs

SAP® Business One integrates with Microsoft Outlook through an add-on, enabling you to exchange and share data to keep all parties up to date about account developments and business opportunities. You have the following functions available.

Outlook SyncronizationData Synchronization

Synchronize calendar appointments, contacts, and tasks between SAP® Business One and Microsoft Outlook. This function allows you to schedule automatic synchronization runs and resolve any outstanding conflicts that may occur across the two applications by creating snapshots of SAP® Business One information and linking them to contacts in Microsoft Outlook.


You can import quotations from SAP® Business One into Microsoft Outlook and then display, edit, and send them as e-mails. You can also create new quotations in Microsoft Outlook and save them in SAP® Business One.

E-mail integration

You can perform the following functions through Microsoft Outlook integration: