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SAP® Business One - Configuration and Personalization
A Comprehensive, Integrated Solution for all of your Business Needs

SAP® Business One gives you powerful tools to tailor forms, queries, and reports to meet specific business requirements without the need for specialized technical training. You can configure settings to define exchange rates, set authorization parameters, and create import and export functions for internal mail, e-mail, and data.

SAP Business One Configuration

Configuration Features

SAP® Business One offers the following configuration functionality:

Search Assistance

Record values for each field in the application, including user-defined fields, from a predefined search process with formatted search functionality in SAP® Business One. You can use formatted searches in the following situations:

Alerts and Approvals

You can set up immediate notifications and automatic responses to important business events through user programmable, workflow-based alerts.

Designate the events you want to track and define ranges for acceptable tolerances and limits connected to these events. Then, when indicators fall out of the predetermined range set for the event, you will receive an alert. Any breach of business policy generates an immediate notification to the manager and initiates a workflow process to manage the event.

Using alerts in SAP® Business One, you can proactively manage by exception and eliminate the need to monitor activities manually. You can know in real time every time a set threshold is crossed so you can take immediate action. You can also drill down to get information about the alert, which can help you make informed decisions regarding future actions associated with the event.

Local Best Practices

SAP® Business One provides built-in country-specific functionality to help you comply with local legal requirements as well as local business practices. Localizations mainly support legal, currency, and financial requirements and include adjusted financial postings, print layouts, and reports. As part of maintenance operations, there are country-specific legal changes and requirements implemented with regular patch delivery.

System Reliability and Performance

SAP® offers a remote support platform for SAP® Business One to help you maintain your software system more easily and proactively prevent potential issues from impacting your business tool, the remote support platform for SAP® Business One helps identify system bottlenecks by enabling SAP® support services to collect information on your system status and check the system against known support issues. By sending regular status e-mails and automatic fixes, it allows you to avoid issues from happening and decrease the time you would otherwise spend on IT support.

The remote support platform for SAP® Business One provides the following:

Data Archiving

Use the new data archiving feature in SAP® Business One to improve the utilization of your productive database and achieve leaner, faster system performance. Data archiving enables users who have been using SAP® Business One for at least two years to archive closed transactional data (such as closed sales and purchasing documents, reconciled journal entries) related to old financial periods. It allows you to review the expected results of the process before the execution, so you know which documents will be removed from the database, how much database size will be reduced, and so forth. You can then decide whether to run the archiving process immediately or further review the selected transactional data.